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DecisiveMarketer is the a first-class community for digital marketing professionals and small business owners. It’s the go-to place where you can learn all you need to on how to market from a high-level, connect with experts specialising in different areas of improvement, and get the strategies and tools which are practical to your stage of your business to grow and scale your business to the next phase.


Hi, I'm Henry. Thanks for checking out our website! I didn't actually started out with the desire to teach e-commerce professionally. I guess I am what most people call, a underground "guru". I get messages from people around the world, many whom I don't even know asking me, "Henry, can you teach me e-commerce?", "Why do you seem to be so perfectly enjoying your life when you're running several businesses?".

I have multiple 6-7 figures internet businesses mainly in e-commerce, a wonderful wife, an awesome team while having time to spend on my hobbies and interest. However, there's just so many things I couldn't just share easily through words, and many times, to have people understand and have it doable for them, these lessons have to be structured in a proper flow for people of different situations to better comprehend and act on it. I always had the desire for others to gain the skill of digital marketing and e-commerce as it had better my quality life, and I want the same to happen to more people in this world.

Yew Wei,

Henry has developed a system that is not only easy to recommend,
but most importantly, it has shown me results I thought I wouldn’t
have been able to achieve.

Yew Wei, Girl Crush