DecisiveMarketer FAQs
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I get some questions all the time about my coaching and training programs on eCommerce. These are some of them along with my answers.

Why do you want to teach other people?

DecisiveMarketer FAQs

I think people in general want to help others if possible. I always do my best to answer people’s questions especially whenever they turn up in my Facebook group. However, some of my skills and techniques I apply in my business are developed through experience, which you will not learn them from any other trainers out there. Hence, I’m not comfortable sharing them. Another reason is that a lot of questions cannot be answered in a simple reply such as questions like “How do I drive more traffic?”. Such questions requires systematic step by step guidance to help them, and the best way is to structure them into a format where people can learn better.

Aren’t you afraid that by teaching others, more people would compete with you?

DecisiveMarketer FAQs

Not really. My businesses are very niche, and they usually have a high barrier of entry that most people would not have access to suppliers willing to sell them the products at favorable prices. For some of my businesses, a lot of them I’ve already captured a big share of the market as well, hence it will take a lot more money just to compete with me. Another reason is that there are tons of products in this world. There’s no way for me to be running so many different stores selling different products from all around the world to all around the world.

I’m a newbie, what do you recommend me to start with?

Lifestyle Package plus Ebook-v2

I’d recommend you to start by going through my Decisive Ecommerce program and build your own eCommerce store. This program will equip you with a strong understanding of eCommerce, the right approach to build an eCommerce business, how to sell your products without discounting and build customer loyalty through branding. After building your own eCommerce store, I’d recommend you to start selling on Amazon or Qoo10, Lazada, Shopee and Carousell. This way you have more than 1 sales channel to sell your products. You can learn my method of selling, pushing up the rankings of your product search terms and getting reviews through my Decisive Amazon and Decisive SG Marketplaces programs.

How much do I need to start?

Other than the course fees, build your own store through WooCommerce will cost you about USD$4/mth and I recommend getting a paid theme that cost USD$59 one time. If you are selling on Amazon, it cost USD$39/mth and I would say you need about USD$5,000 to start with a private label product and sufficient funds for marketing. Qoo10 Singapore requires a $100 deposit which you can spend on advertising later, while Lazada Singapore requires minimally a business entity to start selling, which is $80/year to register a sole proprietorship in Singapore. Inventory wise, you can start with even $300.

Why do I need to sign an NDA(non-disclosure agreement) to join your training programs?

The NDA is not just to protect myself that my information would be shared openly, but to protect you as an eCommerce business owner and the eCommerce community so that people do not start increasing the cost of advertising or have unnecessary competitors start spreading the market thinner. If my information is available openly and abused, it can make our livelihood as an eCommerce business owner tougher.

How much time do I need before I can quit my job?

DecisiveMarketer FAQs

The best way I can answer this is as much time as you need to make that happen. Ultimately it depends on how much income you are looking at before you quit your job. For most people, being focused and working on your business consistently, you can make it happen within 6 months to a year.

What niche do you recommend?

You need to find one with high volume, low competition. That will help you to have the highest chance of succeeding.

Should I start with Qoo10 or Amazon?

DecisiveMarketer FAQs

Both are great option. If you are able to take bigger risks for better rewards, Amazon is the choice for you.

Why should I learn from you instead of other eCommerce trainers?

I am very open about the stores I run. I am also skilled in many different marketing methods, as well as selling on different marketplaces.

Can you guarantee any results? Possible for refunds?

I guarantee that my method works because I’ve replicate the same success multiple times, however, I cannot guarantee that everyone can produce the results. If you sign up for my live training, you can get a refund up till the 2nd day of the program. There are no refunds for my digital programs.

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Henry Hoe
Henry Hoe

Henry Hoe is an e-commerce marketer, trainer and owner of multiple 6 and 7 figures businesses. His passion has been in email, content marketing and search engine optimization. However, he always has this desire to share his passion about e-commerce with the online marketing community.

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