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First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Henry.

I’ve been doing eCommerce for 5 years now and I am selling on multiple ecommerce platform such as Amazon, eBay, Qoo10, Lazada, Carousell and Shopee but honestly, the one that I feels at home is WooCommerce.

I run a 7 figures company with close to about 20 people on my team. I’m just a regular guy right just like everyone of you. The only difference is I’m really passionate about eCommerce and WooCommerce. I really want to thank the creators of WordPress for bringing in something so simple for everybody to use and its open source and everybody can contribute to this community, right?

I’ll be talking about the Top 5 plugins for WooCommerce. The most awesome part is all of these plugins are for free.

Top 5 Free Plugins for WooCommerce

What you get from these plugins is you get more leads to your website, get more sales and also the last one is actually to build stronger credibility. More people who trust you means there’s a change that you can get more sales.

Let’s move forward to the first one I want to talk about, it is WooEnhancer.

One of the awesome parts of this is it is free and what it does is it disables checkout fields that are not very important.

So let’s say you buy something from the website and then you have to fill in your company in your checkout field which is not really important or needed for you to checkout. You don’t need to tell the courier to send the item into your company; you can just simply fill in your Name and Address.

If you are ordering from a Singapore website do you need to put the country or the state or city you don’t need things like that right. If you go to the checkout page, all you need to put is just the Name. Do you need first name and last name? Why not you just put in Name.  Address 1 and Address 2. Do you need many addresses?

Just like what it looks like in the photo below.

What you can do with is WooEnhancer is get rid of all these check out fields that is not important so when there’s less things for your customer to fill up they can quickly pay the money to you faster and that’s what everybody wants right.

And the next thing it disable the password strength meter okay. So it allows simple passwords. You do not have to put like a lot of text, capitals and small letters and then some funny symbols and all that just have to an account to be created.

We want the customer to create an account on our website right? Why? Because then they will come back to us. They will give us their email and then they will come back again.

And then we always save all their shipping information and all that so the next time they check out again is even faster.

However, these 2 features may likely already be included in your WordPress theme if you are using a premium theme.

So this is how it looks like. I’m won’t be showing the other features of what this plugin can do, it could do more than that. It can do some customization on your product page and shop page. I’m just going to show you how it works. Just what like I said earlier, if you go to the checkout page all you need to do is Name? Do you need a separate field for the first name and last name? Why not just simply put a single field as Name. Change first name to Name. That’s way faster.  Address one and address two. Do you need many addresses? That’s what you have to do with the WooEnhancer.

And the next one is this password strength meter so you just set it to yes or no. So of course we want to disable it, we’ll put yes on it.

And then the next one to talk about is the Yith WooCommerce Questions & Answers

How many of you have shop on amazon before?

Other than the reviews that you see on Amazon what else actually make you feel you know this product looks like it’s trustworthy to buy?

It’s the Q&A (Questions & Answers).

There you can ask questions about the product itself and then anybody can answer the questions. For example, a t-shirt then the question is like do you have the size in XXXXL or something like that and somebody can come in and answer it. Could be anybody, could be the ones who are selling the product or it could be anybody who has bought the product before and answer they don’t have this size available.

Why is this good? Because it is a user-generated content.

User-generated content is a marketing strategy that encourages consumers to share their experiences with a brand, which in turn shares the experiences with other consumers through digital channels. The content can take many forms, including photos and videos, reviews and testimonials, social media posts and blogs or just like the Question-and-Answer forums.

In this area, it can show that there’s activity on your website and people may see that there are others who are buying from you. In this way, people may feel comfortable and more trustworthy to purchase from you.

So the next one is the Sales Pop by Beeketing. It is also free and I really love this plug in and what it does. It is basically a Social Proof for other customers to purchase from your store.

Social proof is a marketing tactic for easing the minds of worried customers.

Let’s say, your Instagram profile has 10,000 followers and you try to sell a product. You will most likely get a decent amount of sales. Why? Because when people see that you have a lot of people following your page, it’s easier for them to trust your influence.

Social proof creates trust in people so that’s why we want to leverage on this to itself.

Sales Pop by Beeketing looks like this. You see on the bottom left, it pops up and sees that someone in Hanoi just bought a Cute Puppy Nam Socks 5 pairs. It pops up every now and then. It makes you feel like “Oh! Actually there are other people in this website as well.”

Do you remember 10 years ago, you go to a website and then you see at the bottom of the page you see like all this numbers that says visitor counts? This is like a much updated version of it.

People may see what are the products that are being bought by others and they might consider getting those products as well.

This is a Google search result for one of my products on my store. Google shows here that the product has a 4.5 star rating for over 30 reviews. There will be chances that more people will actually click in through this product page and will buy from you.

I’m going to discuss what it does. When a customer bought from your website and you completed the order. Then 5 to 7 days later the customer receive this email like above. You basically ask them for a review. If they didn’t leave a review, you can set another email, maybe two days after your first email then reminds the customer again to leave a review. That will help you get more reviews

Also when a customer bought multiple items from you, like 3 different products. It will be a hassle or troublesome for the customer to review every single product one by one. It would be difficult for them if they need to go in every single product page and start reviewing.

The best part is that this plug in condenses everything, it puts them into a simple web survey. That they can just click like one or five and then any comments and can even upload photos of what they bought. It makes easier for the customer to review and help you get more reviews.

And the next thing is you can also entice them with a coupon. Like in exchange for a review you will give them a coupon or maybe a $3 or $5 off on your next order. Like you bribe them to get more reviews.

Also, it allows you to vote on the review if it’s useful or not. This is very similar to Amazon. So you get like an Amazon features on your website.

Then the next one is you can create a page with all your reviews in it. You just put in a shortcode on the picture and then it will show everything, all the reviews they have been made on your website into one single page.

Photos below is what the back end looks like. You can also customize the email that goes out to the customer. This plug in also generate unique coupon code.

And the last thing, it allows you to send a manual reminder. There are so many features in this plug in. I do think sometimes that like how such a powerful feature can be free.

WooCommerce No Shipping Message

So the last one here is called WooCommerce No Shipping Message.

Some of you only sells in a specific country/area. For example you only sells in Singapore. If a customer from outside Singapore message you if they can buy this product from you but had a problem when they try to check out but there are no shipping options. This plugin doesn’t really solve this kind of problem but it helps in some way.

Again, this plugin is free. It shows a custom message when a customer chooses a delivery address in a region that you don’t have a shipping method that is linked to that area.

I usually do in this custom message is I insert a hyperlink to my “Contact Page” and then they can send me an email what they wanted to buy from me and then I’ll quote them a custom shipping fee for them. In that way you don’t lose a customer.

This is how it looks like before you don’t have this plugin then after you installed the plugin. You can put a custom message like above.

This is all about the top 5 Plugins for WooCommerce.

Bonus: WooCommerce

For a Bonus topic I will be discussing WooCommerce. I know many of you never actually go and play into the settings. There are actually a lot of things that you can do with the core plugin itself.

Once again it is free. There is Upsells and Cross-sells feature. You can also customize Emails.

This is an example of a receipt email. This is an email to the admin. Whenever I see this I am very happy because a new order comes in. You can put in your logo, customize the text and everything.

Then in your check out page you want to put something like a step-by-step check out. So the customer will know how many steps that they will go through. Example below is a 3 steps check out Review Cart, Billing and Shipping and Payment.

These are the Upsells and the Cross-Sells.

That is all I have for my talk today on the top 5 plugins for WooCommerce. If you’d like to download the slides, click on the button below.

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Henry Hoe is an e-commerce marketer, trainer and owner of multiple 6 and 7 figures businesses. His passion has been in email, content marketing and search engine optimization. However, he always has this desire to share his passion about e-commerce with the online marketing community.

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