Are You Operating At 100% or Desperately Looking to Make Money?
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Recently there has been a lot of scams around the dropshipping and training community, especially with the high profile scam revolving Garth Vader Henderson and Josh King Madrid. I think generally people fall for them is because, on some level, they are desperate to make money. Some of the victims of these scams are people who took out their last penny to pay for these courses and coaching. I think it’s a good thing to want to improve yourself, especially when it comes to learning a new skill that makes money for you, but I feel that at the same time, it is not something very healthy that will help you to get the kind of success you want.

It takes time

Are You Operating At 100% or Desperately Looking to Make Money

Learning a skill to make money takes time. I could give you my complete formula and teach it to you in a couple of days, but that doesn’t mean you can fully comprehend, piece them together and create results with it immediately. You need to working on every “cogs” in the eCommerce “machine” so that you are proficient in them before you can be making a stable income in this business. I’ve seen dropshippers who does millions in revenue only to never be seen anymore today because they don’t fully grasp the foundation pillars of a long term sustainable business.

Even if my courses or training are a sure-win formula for success, it is not a magical pill that will work for everybody. Do not put all that pressure on yourself to make your eCommerce business work instantly after taking a course whether from me or from anyone else. Chances are, when you stress yourself that much that you have to make it work in a short period of time, it will usually not work as you are focusing on getting results instead of working on making sure your processes are correct. T Harv Eker says that thoughts influences your feelings, your feelings influences your actions, and your actions creates the results. When you are desperate, you are focusing on changing the results, instead of changing your actions, feelings or thoughts to create a different result that you actually want.

You will start cutting corners to reduce your losses

Are You Operating At 100% or Desperately Looking to Make Money

If you have 50k in your bank account right now, should you invest all 50k to start a business? My answer is no.

Do not operate at 100%, and always have some liquidity(cash on hand). If all that money is in your business, when your bills start coming, and your business hasn’t start to generate the profits that you need to start paying off those bills, you’ll start to cut corners in your business. You’ll may start to turn off your ads or reduce the budget, reduce the hours of your virtual assistants and remote staffs or even letting go some of your team members just so that you could squeeze out some of the money, However, these ads are the one that help you get more customers, your workers are the ones who handle the menial tasks so that you have more time and your mind is less occupied so that you can think of more ways to be making more money.

Instead, invest 40k, leave the rest for backup. This way you will not constantly be worried about the finances and you can focus solely on making your business profitable. You will make better use of this 40k that using up all the money.

Continue working in your job

Are You Operating At 100% or Desperately Looking to Make Money

The hard truth that nobody wants to hear. Don’t be so quick to quit your job. Working a job has it’s benefits, so does having your own business. Why not have both?

Your job gives you a regular income that banks love and are more open to lending you, which you can then use to finance your business. Having a regular income allows you to not operate at 100%, so that even if your business has not produce results, you do not have to worry about where to find money the next month.

Learn the business, then hire virtual assistants to run it for you. Doing this will make you a better manager and leader. You’ll be better at managing your time as well. Even better, my courses can be passed on to your team members so that you do not have to train them yourself, instead having me train them directly.

Until your business is stable and you are confident in the long run that your business is sustainable, should you then consider the option of quitting your job.

My Final Thoughts

Too many people out there are always looking for a quick fix. It’s easy to get sucked in looking at people with fancy cars when your life isn’t that wonderful. But guess what? Their lives aren’t that much better when shit hits the fan. Do you honestly want to live a delusional life on social media where your cars and houses are rented, your watches are fakes, and more importantly, do you really want to give up all your ethics for money? We can all live an honest life of not misleading people, so that we can face our parents, our spouses, our kids and other people around us with dignity and they too, can be proud of our success.

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Henry Hoe
Henry Hoe

Henry Hoe is an e-commerce marketer, trainer and owner of multiple 6 and 7 figures businesses. His passion has been in email, content marketing and search engine optimization. However, he always has this desire to share his passion about e-commerce with the online marketing community.

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